Easter is this week and we all know that baked goods or chocolate is the best way to celebrate. Whether it is hot cross buns, easter eggs or a cake. But we also know that we don’t all have the time to be baking!

We have put together a really easy recipe for you guys to make an excellent show stopper cake that anyone can make – it is that simple.

To make the cake we have started with two Green’s easter egg cake kits. As many will know, cakes are always better when they are bigger!

In the kits you will get:
2 x cake mix
2 x frosting mix
2 x mini egg packets

You will need:
Cream (optional)
Dark chocolate (optional)
2 x 6″ deep cake tins
Greaseproof paper
Piping bag (optional)
Wilton 2D (optional)

We mixed our cake by hand to show exactly how easy Green’s has made this cake for people. We mixed the butter and cake mix together to create a crumb, then added the water and eggs and mixed with a wooden spoon or spatula to create a smooth batter. This took about 1 minute, if that. It was the fastest cake batter we have ever made!

We then decided to use 6″ cake tins for our cake, as we wanted it to be a tall cake, so instead of two 7″ cake tins for 1 kit we made two (or 4 shallow) 6″ cakes using 2 kits to create a larger cake. If we used one kit in 7″ cake tins the cake would have been rather shallow. For one kit we would still recommend a 6″ tin just to create a slightly deeper cake. We lined the bottom of the tins and greased the side with a little butter and baked at 170C for 30mins (longer than it said on the box due to the doubled batter and smaller tins).

Whilst we let the cake cool on a wire rack we made the frosting. Again, by hand we beat together the butter and frosting mix with a splash of water and a tsp of vanilla (this is optional) for a touch extra flavour. If the frosting is not quite as thick as you could like it to be you can always add more icing sugar or more water if it is too thick, however we found these quantities to be just fine.

We then levelled the tops of the two cooled cakes, then evenly halved each cake so that we were left with 4 6″ cakes. We sandwiched these together with a little frosting, you don’t need to be neat at this point, we just used a spoon to spread some over the cake.

Once they were all sandwiched together, we covered the whole cake with the majority of the rest of the frosting, we didn’t need all of ours as we had a double batch, so we used the rest to decorate. Again, covering the cake doesn’t need to be too neat, we used a cake turntable and placed a spatula along the edge of the cake and turned the turntable to smooth out the frosting.

Next we decided to add some ganache drips to the top of the cake, this part was completely optional. We heated the cream then added the chocolate and mixed till melted and poured ontop of the cake. We then piped some frosting around the edge of the cake and topped them with mini eggs

Green's Chocolate Egg Cake
Serves 8
Green's chocolate egg cake, quick and easy
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  1. 2 x chocolate cake mix
  2. 100g butter, softened
  3. 240ml water
  4. 4 eggs
  1. 2 x chocolate frosting
  2. 20ml water
  3. 150g butter, softened
  4. 1 tsp vanilla
  1. 100g dark chocolate
  2. 100ml double cream
  3. mini eggs
  1. Mix together the cake mix and butter together to create a crumb, then add the eggs and water and mix until smooth
  2. Divide between two greased and lined cake tins (deep 6")
  3. Bake at 170C for 25-30mins, leave to cool
  4. Whilst the cakes are cooling, mix the frosting. Cream together the butter, frosting mix, vanilla and water, beat until smooth
  5. Divide and level each 6" cake in half to create 4 6" cakes, sandwich together using the buttercream, then cover the whole of the cake with the rest of the frosting
  6. We chose to add some chocolate ganache as an optional addition to the cake. Microwave the cream for 1minute, then add the chocolate and leave for 30 seconds to melt the chocolate.
  7. Pour the ganache on top of the cakes and then top with the mini eggs, we piped some more frosting around the edge of the cake to position the eggs on
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We found this cake extremely quick and easy to do, and it tasted just as good as if we had made it from scratch! This is a great way to whip up something for your friends or family around the Easter holidays!