It’s Fri-yay and we are once again bringing in a Cadbury Creme Egg Bake! Today is another recipe from Rinkoff bakery and Cadbury’s collab, and we have saved the best for last. Creme Egg S’mores Brownies…

Following on from our Passionfruit Creme Egg Meringues and Creme Egg Eclairs we have bought to you our favourite of the three. This recipe involves a ooey gooey brownie cupcake topped with melted marshmallow flush and chopped pieces of Cadbury Creme Egg.

We used a large cupcake tin with muffin cases to make ours a full sized cupcake, which made 7, however if you’re wanting to make 12 a smaller tin and cupcake liners will work just as well. This recipe is perfect for easter treats with your friends and family, or even a great recipe to do with kids as its quick and easy! The shop bought marshmallow fluff works as an excellent cheat to decorating a cupcake, by putting the fluff on the cupcakes and allowing it to melt, the marshmallow puffs up and melts all over the top of the cupcake, a perfect way to ice a cupcake quickly

The recipe was really straight forward and easy, the brownie method was even more simple to than we are used to, instead of mixing the eggs and sugar together then adding the melted chocolate etc. this recipe said to melt the chocolate and butter (this could even be done in the microwave for extra speediness) then add the sugar and eggs to the chocolate mixture. This recipe also only used one bowl so less washing up!

Cadbury Creme Egg S'mores Brownie
Yields 7
brownie cupcakes topped with marshmallow and creme eggs
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  1. 125g dark chocolate
  2. 100g butter
  3. 125g light brown sugar
  4. 2 eggs
  5. 75g plain glour
  6. 1/4 tsp salt
  7. 1 tub marshmallow fluff
  8. 5 cadbury creme eggs, chopped
  1. Melt the chocolate and butter together in a saucepan, or using a bain marie method
  2. Once melted, add the sugar, then the eggs and mix till fully incorporated
  3. Next, fold in the flour and salt
  4. Divide the batter between cupcake cases, this amount should make 12 fairy cakes but we maaged 7 full cupcake size
  5. Spoon a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff onto each cupcake and bake on 180C for 12 minutes
  6. Top with the chopped creme eggs to finish
Baking a Mess

The melted fluff is then of course topped with chopped up creme egg, we decided to add ours on straight away so that the creme egg melted on top… but also so we could eat them straight away.. And we shall be honest, they tasted amazing!