Welcome to Baking a Mess! We are Hollie & Jess, amateur bakers, still attempting perfection. After graduating from University, moving back home without a clue of our futures – we turned to trying out new bakes in our free time. Passionate about baking we decided to do something about it, developing from posting a million and one pins on Pinterest, dreaming about what we would do if we opened up our own café one day, to eventually beginning this blog. And 2 years down the line we couldn’t be having more fun (or eating more cake).

We are simply fuelled by a love of baking and want to share it with whoever stops to listen (or read). So whilst we think about new recipes, attempt to create something a little different & eat far far too much cake, hopefully we can help a few young aspiring bakers like us out along the way.

Enjoy! xx

Want to work with us? We love to collaborate with other bloggers and brands so please send us an email at bakingamess@gmail.com!

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