Week 5: Mary’s Bakewell Tart

This week was pastry week, one of our faves. We were torn between a filo creation and the bakewell tart.

Peanut Butter Millionaire’s Shortbread

Guess who’s back… back again… shortbread’s back, tell a friend. Yes we’re at it again with the millionaire’s shortbread and this time we added peanut butter (aka food of the gods).

WEEK 4: Bangers & Mash Yorkshire Puds

Batter week, this one’s a bake off first, and we were super excited about it! It’s not the most conventional of baking categories but pancakes, churros and yorkies, who can say no to that?! (not us)

WEEK 3: Chocolate, Orange and Cinnamon Loaf

Week 3, bread week, so obviously Paul was on top form poking bread left right and centre. We took on the signature challenge again this week as we just couldn’t resist the chocolate loaf!

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