GBBO – Our favourite moments

So that magical time of year is upon (no not christmas), it’s bake off time! Once again we get to delight in Mary and Paul’s comical reactions to all kinds of weird and wonderful bakes, so in honour of this momentous occasion we’ve rounded up our favourite bake off moments from the past series.

Victoria Sponge Macarons

We love nothing more than creating different and unique versions of classic british sweet treats, so when mentally preparing for the start of GBBO which is, of course, kicking off with cake week, we came up with these adorable victoria sponge macarons!!

Rio Olympics Cupcakes – Mango, Coconut and Lime

We’ve been swept up along with rest of the world in olympic madness, and of course we had to do some Rio themed baking! So we whipped up this batch of mango coconut and lime cupcakes!

Chicken & Leek Vol Au Vents

So as the GBBO series 7 start date has FINALLY been announced, we’re looking forward to doing another series of weekly bakes of our own takes on the show’s fiendish challenges. Feeling inspired and excited by this we decided to revisit a bake we didn’t have a chance to do last series, the wonderfully retroRead more

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