Doughnut Icecream

Yes, we shall be accepting thank you gifts.


We love Ikea.. who doesn’t?? The joyous shopping experience means you go in for one simple lamp and come out with 2 of said lamp, a shelving unit, 5 new plates, 12 glasses that are just PERFECT for cocktails/juice/wine/prosecco/whatever liquid justifies the purchase… oh and 82 candles.

S’mores Millionaires Shortbread

To add to our millionaires shortbread collection, we thought we would continue the trend after the creme egg & oreo, with a s’mores inspired creation!

Orange & Rose Polenta Cake

This week we decided on a gluten free recipe. Straying slightly away from the classic lemon & polenta cake, we decided to go for an orange & polenta cake. But we wanted to make it that little bit more exciting and added a hint of rose water.

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